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Meet Christine

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Christine Biearman

she / her / hers




Gender Identity

Eating Disorders



Dual Diagnosis

Substance Abuse

Life Transitions

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

   Services Offered:    

  • Individual Therapy

  • Telehealth Therapy

    Insurances Accepted:  

  • Highmark / BCBS

  • Anthem BCBS

  • United Healthcare / Optum

  • Aetna

  • UPMC

  • Cigna / Evernorth

  • Geisinger

  • Private Pay


  • Adolescents/Teens (14-18)

  • Adults

Who I Help


I am a LGBTQIA+ and relationship minority affirming therapist. I love working with LGBTQIA+ related concerns, including gender identity, and I am very accepting of various relationship types (i.e. CNM, poly, open relationships). I want you to bring your WHOLE self into the room!

I also specialize in working with those struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, dual diagnosis, substance use, and life transitions. I have lived experience as a bisexual woman, and I can bring that into the room with permission, if that's helpful to you.

Eating Disorders

Let's start off by acknowledging that there is no one way to experience an eating disorder. While eating disorders as a whole have commonalities, I want to hear your experience with YOUR eating disorder. I believe that, like most things in our lives, an individual's eating disorder served a purpose or purposes in their lives. Let's be honest, if you weren't getting something out of the behaviors, you probably wouldn't be doing them. Whatever that purpose may be, let's work together to figure out something different to help fill that same role, with fewer consequences. I take a HAES (health at every size) approach, as well as utilize elements of CBT-E while working with clients.

Dual Diagnosis / Substance Use

No one is just their addiction, so why treat you like you are. Together, we can address and tackle some of the underlying struggles that tend to accompany addiction, and along the way find new coping skills that can help in a healthier, more sustainable way.

Forensic Population / Offenders

Through my professional work, I have developed a passion for helping all who feel "other"-ized, especially those who have committed offenses that society deems deserving of ostracization. I believe we all deserve a place to feel heard and truly be our authentic selves.

What Can you Expect?

I work from a client-center framework and invite active collaboration in therapy sessions.

YOU are the expert of your own life, experiences and story.


I have always loved hearing the stories, ideas and perspectives of others. I find that therapy is one of the few places that frank, open, vulnerable conversations are not only allowed, but expected. I have a true passion for connecting with my clients and meeting them where they are at, wherever that may be in this moment. I believe that it is a true privilege to be a part of someone's journey to finding peace and happiness--whatever that may look like. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone have a breakthrough or reach a goal or milestone they never thought would happen.


You can expect me to utilize humor. I believe that humor can be a useful tool to help individuals cope with life's stressors and troubles, so I will always provide a space where you can utilize that, if you want to. Overall, I am a laid-back therapist--you'll typically find me sitting in some form of pretzel shape, and I am totally down to do a whole session sitting on the floor if that's what makes you more comfortable.


I'm a believer that a lot of psychology has pushed the idea that therapy has to be some sort of "formal procedure". But, in my opinion, that's old school (to say the least). Therapy should be whatever you need it to be, and it can look a countless number of ways. I always have fidget items in my room--I find that it's sometimes easier to talk about the hard stuff or be vulnerable when we have something to do with our hands.

I love providing a space where clients can truly be their authentic selves. I have seen both personally and professionally how the mental health system can further other-ize individuals who already feel other-ized by the rest of the world.  So we're not doing that here.


I want you to be able to shed whatever mask you walk through the world with and find solace that you will not be judged or ostracized.

 When I'm not at Open Space CCW, you may also find me...

Watching True Crime documentaries, curled up on my couch with a good book, hanging out with friends or checking out live music/shows!

Call us, send us a message via our contact form below, or email us to get started.


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