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Meet Joanna


Joanna Renoj

she / her / hers

Billing Coordinator

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

Phone: 724-777-1433 Extension: 8

Who is Joanna?


Joanna was born and raised in California, moved to Pittsburgh in 2021 and is loving everything. She's a big fan of picking up new hobbies, currently trying to learn how to sew! Joanna is also a big audio person; you can always catch her listening to something.

How does Joanna support Open Space CCW?

Joanna will be helping Open Space by taking on the position of Billing Coordinator. Some of the duties entail of making sure insurance benefits are processed as well as any claims, billing, and anything else insurance related. As well as helping patients walk through any insurance questions they may have.

Our goal is to demystify an often frustrating and confusing process and make things as easy as possible for you!

When I'm not at Open Space CCW, you may also find me...

At home figuring out a new project or going around town looking for some good food and fun things to do! I love finding cool views of the city, but I also enjoy just spending at home!

Do you have a question related to billing?

Call us, send us a message via our contact form below, or email us to get started.


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