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Meet CHelsea

Chelsea headshot.jpg

Chelsea MacDonald

she / her / hers

Intake + Client Care Coordinator

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

Phone: 724-777-1433 Extension: 4

Who is Chelsea?


Chelsea is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, from which she has gained a very expensive piece of paper that proves that she really enjoys English Literature, Psychology, and Women’s Studies.  

Chelsea is a helper. The kind of person who likes to be behind the scenes, making people’s lives easier in small ways. She understands the value and need for therapeutic services in people’s lives and is passionate about being a catalyst for people’s healing. Chelsea knows that healing can come in many forms, and believes that small, kind interactions with people can make a difference. 


Chelsea is a certified yoga instructor who never does yoga, an avid poetry reader, and a huge fan of doing nothing.  Chelsea learned how to be a good person from her parents, who are good people and two of the best helpers she knows.  

Chelsea was born and raised in Pittsburgh and loves this city, even after living in San Diego for six years.  When Chelsea isn’t working, she’s usually doing laundry, making lunches and dinners, and cleaning things. But what she really loves to do is spend time in sunshine (more like a cat in a puddle of sunlight on the floor, less like a sunbathing goddess), swim, read poems, eat cheeseburgers, and spend time with her family, including her very nice parents, her husband who truly loves her for who she is, and her little boy who she loves more than anything else in the entire world. 

How does Chelsea support Open Space CCW?

As our full-time Intake Coordinator, Chelsea has one of the most important jobs in the practice--to link clients with clinicians who will be a good fit, and make the process of getting clients set up as easy as possible.  She is responsible for gathering all of the necessary information in order to schedule a client’s first appointment, and will learn a few things about you to help you determine who may be the best fit for what you are struggling with and what you need out of a therapist.


She is the person with whom you’ll most likely speak when you call the office for any reason, and is here to help clients find the support they’re looking for. (And she's really, really good at what she does!)

 How can I contact Chelsea?


Are you interested in scheduling with one of our clinicians?

We would love to work with you!

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