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Meet Courtney

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Phone: 724-777-1433 Extension: 15

Courtney Tucker

she / her / hers




Racial Identity

Anxiety & Panic


Relationship Issues


Gender Identity & Sexuality

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

   Services Offered:    

  • Individual Therapy

  • Telehealth Therapy

    Insurances Accepted: 

  • Highmark BCBS

  • UPMC

  • United Healthcare / Optum

  • Private Pay

  • Aetna


  • Adolescents/Teens (14-19)

  • Adults

Who I Help

I love helping folks struggling with concerns surrounding spirituality, racial identity, race-based trauma, oppression, gender identity, sexual identity, LGBTQIA+, anxiety, relationships, and self-esteem.

As a Black woman, I realized some time ago that for me, struggle was normal. I feel that part of my role in your journey is to help you find ways to exist that ushers in THRIVING and de-normalizes struggle, crisis, and pure survival. It's time to focus on you, and what you need, and who you want to be. And I'd be so honored to help you get there.

I'm the caregiver of an older adult, explorer of multiply professions, giver of love, believer in higher power, lover of dance, freedom fighter, life long learner and educator, forgiver, and believer in the power of choice and chosen family. When appropriate, and with your permission, I'm able to bring some of my lived experience into our sessions if we feel it may help.

What Can you Expect?

I'm a LGBTQIA+, relationship, and culturally affirming therapist. I will laugh with you, explore the (messy, terrifying, infuriating) stuff you've been avoiding alongside you, and hold space for you to show up authentically--however that may look that day. You deserve to grow past this current version of yourself if you believe it's no longer serving you.

I want to hold both the good and difficult, I want to hold your light and your darkness, and I want to create a place where you can take off the mask that makes survival possible--and you can just.... be

I believe that the goal of therapy is for you to eventually feel like you need me less. I want to help you get to a place in your healing journey where you can recognize when you are giving way to maladaptive behaviors, and more easily self-correct to ones that are more beneficial to you.

I hope that through therapy, you are able to increase the items/resources in your backpack of life skills that will help you cope and regulate during difficult moments that are sure to come. I think of my role as helping clients transition from endings through the unknown to new beginnings. 

 When I'm not at Open Space CCW, you may also find me...

"Riding a bike that goes nowhere, sipping tea, reading a good book, blasting sounds from a record player, admiring local art, exploring new sounds, curled in a comfy, plush, blanket, basking in new creations from the kitchen, lighting candles/burning incense, loving on my family, and working toward becoming the “fly” auntie."

Call us, send us a message via our contact form below, or email us to get started.


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