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Meet Charles


Phone: 724-777-1433 Extension: 14


Charles Melton

he / him / his




Gender Identity & Sexuality

Relationship Identity (& Various Relationship Types)


Addiction & Substance Abuse


LGBTQIA+ Affirming

   Services Offered:    

  • Individual Therapy

  • Relationship Therapy

  • Telehealth Therapy


  Insurances Accepted: 

  • Aetna

  • United Healthcare / Optum

  • Private Pay: $115


  • Preteens/Tweens (11-13)

  • Adolescents/Teens (14-18)

  • Adults

Who I Help


You experience a sense of being “other” and this feeling has been a part of you for as long as

you can remember. It seems like nobody truly understands you, and the constant pressure to meet everyone else’s standards has left you drained. Sometimes, you even question if the person you used to be is the real you anymore. It has become too heavy to bear alone, and you yearn for someone who can assist you in sorting through the chaos in your mind and carrying the burden.


I am deeply dedicated to working with the LGBTQIA+ community, both young individuals and

adults. As a therapist, I am committed to affirming gender identities, sexualities, and

relationships, including those involved in consensual non-monogamous partnerships. 

Everyone is welcome.


Many of my clients grapple with issues surrounding their gender identity or sexuality, and they

find themselves at different stages of their personal journey. Some seek my support simply because they know I provide an affirming environment.


Additionally, I derive great fulfillment from working with individuals and couples who are

struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, self-esteem issues, or difficulties with sleep and insomnia.

Some of my specialties include (but are not limited to)…


Working with gay men…


Are you a gay man who feels like you don’t fit into the ideal image within your community? Do you often experience low self-worth and a sense of not belonging?


It’s time to challenge these ideas and embrace your strengths as an individual. In a world that

sometimes pressures us to conform, it’s essential to create a space where you can be authentically yourself.


As a professional dedicated to working with gay men navigating these challenges, my goal is to

provide unwavering support as you embrace your authenticity and cultivate unwavering self-

empowerment. Our sessions will be infused with warmth, acceptance, and the absence of

judgment. This space will invite you to share your experiences, hopes, and fears openly, fostering transformative conversations and personal growth. Together, we will explore the societal expectations and stereotypes that contribute to your feelings of inadequacy. We will challenge these ideas, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of what it means to be a gay man. We will celebrate the diversity within the community and help you understand that your unique qualities contribute to its richness. Through dialogues and introspection, we will unravel the layers and reveal the vibrant tapestry of your individual strengths and values.


Sex-Positive Therapy


Step into a world of understanding and self-discovery, where boundaries are embraced, and

desires are explored. As a compassionate guide, I find fulfillment in assisting both individuals

and couples on their unique journeys of sexual exploration. From delving into fetishes and kinks

to navigating the intricacies of ethical non-monogamy, I offer a safe and non-judgmental space

for you to embrace your authentic self. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative path,

exploring the depths of your desires, and fostering a deeper connection with your own sexuality.


Working with couples…


My approach to couples therapy is rooted in the belief that effective communication and understanding are the cornerstones of a healthy relationship. I work collaboratively with you and

your partner to identify the underlying issues, explore the dynamics at play, and develop practical strategies to foster greater connection and intimacy.


I understand that every couple is unique, and I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for both of you to express yourselves openly and honestly. Whether you are experiencing difficulties with communication, trust, conflict resolution, or intimacy, I am here to guide and support you. I draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities, tailoring my approach to meet your specific needs and goals as a couple. My aim is to help you deepen your emotional bond, improve your problem-solving skills, and create a stronger foundation for long-lasting happiness and fulfillment.

My Approach to Therapy


I’m down for talking about anything and everything you may bring to the table. Without

judgment. Without assumptions. (Seriously.) I’m able to bring both my professional and lived experience into the room, which often helps me build relationships with my clients more quickly. I believe in a holistic and integrative approach to therapy, drawing from various evidence-based techniques to provide tailored and effective treatment. My therapeutic approach combines Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Person-Centered Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. My goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where we can collaboratively explore your concerns, identify patterns, and develop practical tools to help you navigate life’s challenges. I firmly believe in the power of therapy to foster personal growth, resilience, and well-being.


I believe that YOU are the expert of your own life, and we will use that expertise to guide us

through this journey. 

As someone who has personally experienced being in the “client chair”, I

know how much apprehension you may have or the intense fear you may be experiencing

even thinking about reaching out. More specifically, I can relate to LGBTQIA+ folks who may

have experienced discrimination or social rejection.

While I can’t predict where your journey or our journey together will take you, I can assure you of one thing: You will share a safe space with me, free of judgment, where you can finally be your authentic self.

 When I'm not at Open Space CCW, you may also find me...

Reading, listening to audiobooks, traveling with my partner, or playing with my fur babies--Rosie (shihpoo) and Ruth (Boston Terrier).

Call us, send us a message via our contact form below, or email us to get started.


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